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Welcome to iFit’s completely personal fitness plan, tailored just for you! Our revolutionary app is about to change your outlook on fitness. We know that each body is unique, so we’ll take your individual goals, habits, tastes, and preferences into account as we craft the perfect health plan that’s individualized for the one-and-only you. Connect with your iFit wearable or iFit enabled fitness equipment for more accurate tracking!Available wearables.You can connect any of the following iFit fitness trackers with the app:ActiveActLinkVueClassicDuoAxis HR
Get on your fitness grind.Receive a new workout every day, based on your goals. We make working out easy. Our world-class trainers will give you step-by-step instructions for exact movement patterns, time limits, and reps. You’ll get a new workout every day that’s tailored to your daily calorie burn goal, recent activity history, and workout preferences. You can choose from three options, and then have your choice sent to your phone or directly to your wearable! Awesome, we know.
Eat like a champion. We’ll help you hit your calorie targets for every meal.Whether you want to bulk up or slim down, we have the right nutrition plan for you, designed by our expert dietitians. Every day, we’ll tell you exactly how much to eat in order to hit your calorie intake goal for breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner. Nom, nom, nom...
Move your body.Discover new ways to stay active all day long. Small changes lead to big results. By making slight improvements, you can create the healthy lifestyle you want. Struggling to reach your daily steps goal? We’ll send you fun and exciting tips to help you stay active and on the move throughout the day.
Slumber all night long.Get daily tips to help you sleep better each night.Catching enough Zzzs is essential to your health. We’ll give you unique tips that will help you slumber more sweetly each night, in addition to a complete analysis of your nightly patterns and sleep cycles.